Timeline of Ancient Greece

  • 776 BC: The first Olympic Games are held.

  • 750-550 BC: The Greek Colonisation of the Mediterranean.

  • 743-724 BC: The 1st Messenian War – Sparta defeats the Messenians and reduces them to helots.

  • c. 700 BC: Black-Figure Pottery is developed in Corinth.

  • c. 660-650 BC: The 2nd Messenian War.

  • c. 630 BC: Sappho is born on Lesbos.

  • c. 626 BC: Thales is born in Miletus.

  • 594 BC: Solon replaces the Draconian law in Athens and lays the foundation for Democracy.

  • c. 570 BC: Pythagoras is born on Samos.

  • 546 BC: Peisistratus becomes tyrant of Athens.

  • c. 530 BC: Red-Figure Pottery is developed in Attica.

  • 508 BC: Cleisthenes reforms the Athenian code of laws and establishes a democratic constitution.

  • 499-479 BC: The Greco-Persian Wars

    (c) Bibi Saint-Pol

    499-493: The Ionian Revolt.

    492-490 BC: The 1st Invasion of Greece.

    490 BC: The Greeks defeat the Persians at the Battle of Marathon.

    480-479 BC: The 2nd Invasion of Greece.

    480 BC: The Persians defeat the 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae and subsequently capture Athens. However, their navy is defeated at the Battle of Salamis.

    479 BC: The Greeks defeat the Persians at the Battle of Plataea.

  • 478 BC: The Delian League is founded.

  • 464 BC: Laconian Earthquake and the 3rd Messenian War.

  • 461-429 BC: The Age of Pericles in Athens.

  • 431-404 BC: The Peloponnesian War

    (c) Kenmayer

    431-421 BC: The Archidamian War.

    429 BC: The death of Pericles.

    421 BC: The Peace of Nicias.

    415-413 BC: The Sicilian Expedition.

    413-404 BC: The Second War.

  • 399 BC: Socrates is put on trial and executed.

  • c. 387 BC: Plato founds the Academy in Athens.

  • 371 BC: The Thebans defeat Sparta at the Battle of Leuctra, shattering Spartan dominance in Greece.

  • 359 BC: Philip II becomes king of Macedonia.

  • 338 BC: The Macedonian army defeats Athens and its allies at the Battle of Chaeronea and the League of Corinth is founded.

    (c) Marsyas
  • 336 BC: Philip II of Macedon is assassinated and Alexnader the Great becomes king.

  • 334 BC: Aristotle founds the Lyceum in Athens.

  • 334-326 BC: The Conquests of Alexander the Great

    334 BC: Alexander the Great defeats the Persian army at the Battle of Granicus.

    333 BC: Alexander the Great defeats the Persians at the Battle of Issus.

    332 BC: Alexander the Great besieges the city of Tyre and captures it. He then invades Egypt and founds Alexandria.

    331 BC: Alexander the Great defeats the Persians at the Battle of Gaugamela.

    329 BC: Alexander the Great reaches Bactria.

    326 BC: Alexander the Great reaches India.

  • 323 BC: Alexander the Great dies at Babylon.

  • c. 287 BC: Archimedes is born in Syracuse.

  • 279 BC: The Gauls invade Greece.

  • 214-205 BC: The 1st Macedonian War.

  • 200-196 BC: The 2nd Macedonian War – Philip V is defeated and forced to abandon Greece.

  • 172-168 BC: The 3rd Macedonian War – Perseus is defeated at the Battle of Pydna.

  • 146 BC: Corinth is sacked by Mummius Achaiacus, the Achaean League is dissolved and Greece is annexed by Rome.

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