This website and subsequent content came about from my wife, parents and a few of my pupils asking to have access to the maps, which had been created to use as part of my Classics syllabus.

The maps are an ongoing process and so are not always complete but I do hope that you will find them useful; for the classroom, personal interest or just to double check a specific place or site.

I have also now moved onto adding extra content on mythology, languages and recommendations on things such as reading to boost my pupils overall understanding of the Ancient World.

I would very much welcome feedback on any of the content featured in these maps and especially if anyone would like to contribute with photographs or definitions.

I hope you enjoy!


The author first developed a passion for the Ancient World from the numerous School Classics trips to the Mediterranean that his parents brought him on as a child. This passion was stoked by his studies of Latin, History and Archaeology at School.

He gained an MA and M.Litt from the University of St. Andrews in Ancient History and Archaeology before deciding to go into teaching and gained his PGCE in Classics.

He is currently Head of Classics at a Prep School.