Egyptian Furniture

Ancient Egyptians were highly skilled in woodworking and many examples of fine pieces of Egyptian furniture have survived, mainly for royal tombs. And so would have been more elaborate and richly decorated than the normal Egyptians’ furniture.

The Throne of Tutankhamun, c. 1336–1327 BC, wood covered with sheets of gold, silver, semi-precious and other stones, faience, glass and bronze. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. (c) Walaa


Ceremonial chair of Tutankhamun. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. (c) Matthias Harbers


Guilded wooden box of Tutankhamun with rich faience inlay. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. (c) Hans Ollerman


Tutankhamun’s wooden table with gold inlay. Egyptian Museum, Cairo.


Tutankhamun’s Bed. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. (c) sarverr62

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