Belatucadrus was a Celtic god worshipped in northern Britain.

Altar to Mars Belatucadrus from the British Museum.

In the Roman period he was identified with Mars and appears to have been worshipped by lower-ranked Roman soldiers as well as by Britons. In five inscriptions he is called Mars Belatucadrus and the name is frequently translated as “fair shining one” or “fair slayer.”

Altar to Belatucadrus from Tullie House.

Belatucadrus is known from approximately 28 inscriptions in the vicinity of Hadrian’s Wall. Dedications to Balatocadrus, Balatucadrus, Balaticaurus, Balatucairus, Baliticaurus, Belatucairus, Belatugagus, Belleticaurus, Blatucadrus and Blatucairus are generally accepted as variants of the most common of these forms: Belatucadrus. Altars dedicated to him were usually small, simple and plain, leading to the suggestion that this god was mainly worshipped by people of low social status. His name never appears with a female consort and there is no certain extant representation of him.

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