Cocidius was a deity worshipped in northern Britain.

Shrine of Cocidius at Yardhope, Northumberland. (c) Russel Wills

The Romans equated him with Mars and also with Silvanus. Like Belatucadrus, he was probably worshipped by lower-ranked Roman soldiers as well as by the Britons for whom he was probably a tribal god.

Sketch of an Plaque dedicated to Cocidius from Bewcastle. (c) RIB

There are  at least nine representations known in the Hadrian’s Wall corridor, and a further twenty five or so inscriptions dedicated to him. Most of these are along the western portion of the Wall, the most spectacular being found at Yardhope, where a figure in bas-relief brandishes spear and shield on a vertical rock-face at the entrance to a small shrine.

Altar to Cocidius from Netherby.

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