Epona was a protector of horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules. She was particularly a goddess of fertility, as shown by her attributes of a patera, cornucopia, ears of grain and the presence of foals in some sculptures.

Relief of Epona, 2nd c. AD from Medingen. Luxembourg City History Museum.

The worship of Epona was widespread in the Roman Empire between the 1st-3rd c. AD; this is unusual for a Celtic deity, most of whom were associated with specific localities.

Relief of Epona, 4th c. AD, from Salonica. (c) QuartierLatin1968
Relief of Epona, 2nd-3rd c. AD, from Contern. Luxembourg City History Museum. (c) Owen Cook
Statue of Epona and her horses, c. 200 AD, from Kongen. Bern History Museum. (c) Rosemania

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