Genii Cucullati

The Genii Cucullati or ‘Hooded Spirits’ were figures found in religious sculpture across the Romano-Celtic region from Britain to Pannonia, depicted as cloaked figures carved in an almost abstract manner. 

Relief of the Genii Cuculatti. Housesteads Museum.

The religious significance of these figures is still somewhat unclear, since no inscriptions have been found with them. They are found with a particular concentration in the Rhineland. In Britain they tend to be found in a triple deity form, which seems to be specific to the British representations. The hooded cape was especially associated with Gauls or Celts during the Roman period.

Statuette of a Genius Cucullatus from Birdoswald. Tullie House Museum.
Relief of the Genii Cuculatti from Carlisle. Tullie House Museum.
Reliefs of the Genii Cuculatti from Gloucester. Gloucester Museum.

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