Taranis was the Celtic god of thunder, who was associated with Jupiter, and was mainly depicted with a wheel.

Relief of Taranis on the Gundestrup Cauldron. National Museum of Denmark.

He was worshipped primarily in Gaul, Hispania, Britain but also in the Rhineland and Danube regions, amongst others.

Relief of Taranis from Netherny. Tullie House Museum.

Taranis, along with Esus and Toutatis as part of a sacred triad, was mentioned by the Roman poet Lucan in his epic poem Pharsalia as a Celtic deity to whom human sacrificial offerings were made.

Altar to Taranis from Codolet. Avignon Lapidary Museum.
Altar to Jupiter-Taranis and Juno from Vaison-la-Romaine. Avignon Lapidary Museum.
Votive Wheels, c. 50 BC – 50 AD. National Archaeology Museum, France.

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