Myths & Legends

The aim is to map out all the different myths & legends from the Ancient World, such as The Odyssey, The Aeneid, Hercules’ Labours and many more.

Any input or contributions are greatly appreciated.

Map/Story Summaries - The Odyssey
A map of Odysseus’ wanderings in the Odyssey. (c) Katie Reinig
A map of Aeneas’ wanderings in the Aeneid. (c) Rcsprinter123

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5 thoughts on “Myths & Legends

  1. I am an archaeologist preparing a book about the Odyssey with definitely new ideas on Odysseus’ travels and many other aspects of Homeric geography, ancient history, and the Ionian Islands. I wonder if it would be possible to wotk with you.


  2. I love maps, and look forward to exploring yours. The title here implies a global focus, but the northern Mediterranean region is much, much narrower than that. “The Ancient World” could be anywhere, from the Valdivia culture in Ecuador to the very ancient Saharan rock murals, or those of Australia or New Mexico, to the Indus or Huanghe river valleys. This naming, along with “Antiquity,” is an engrained cultural habit that fixates on the Greco-Roman world as the lodestar. “Classical” has the same associations, and the same problems. Since you asked for feedback, this is mine. No offense intended. I look forward to seeing more.


  3. Gosh, what about the rest of the world instead of just this tiny plot of land and water? That’s the Mediterranean area, not the world.
    I love the ancient Mediterranean and Middles Eastern history and mythology, but those stories are only s small part of our world history and mythology.


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