A work in progress.

The aim is to map out all the different aspects of Herculaneum so that it can be used as a teaching aid or a guide for those interested in the site.

Any input or contributions are greatly appreciated.

Reconstruction of Herculaneum, c. 79 AD.
Aerial view of the site of Herculaneum.


  • Ala – Wing or alcove opening to left and/or right of the atrium of a Roman house.
  • Apodyterium – A changing room of a Roman baths.
  • Ara – An altar.
  • Atrium – The main hall of a Roman house.
  • Augustales – local officials, usually freedmen, appointed in various towns for the worship of deified emperors.
  • Basilica – Colonnaded public hall on the Forum, used for commercial transactions and dispensing of justice.
  • Caldarium – The hot room of a Roman baths.
  • Caupona – An inn or tavern, which served hot food.
  • Compluvium – An opening in the roof, which had below it, a water tank (impluvium) in the atrium floor.
  • Cubiculum – A bedroom.
  • Domus – A house within a city.
  • Fauces – Entranceway to a house, leading to the atrium.
  • Frigidarium – The cold room of a Roman baths.
  • Hospitium – Inn or lodgings.
  • Impluvium – A water tank on the floor of the atrium, which had directly above it, an opening (compluvium) in the roof.
  • Lararium – A shrine to the household gods.
  • Nymphaeum – A ornamental fountain.
  • Oecus – The main living room of a Greek house, introduced to Roman architecture along with the peristyle. Often used for dining.
  • Palaestra – An open area surrounded by covered porticoes used for wrestling and exercise, often forming part of a Roman bath complex.
  • Peristyle – An open courtyard or garden surrounded by a colonnade.
  • Pistrinum – A bakery or mill.
  • Posticum – A house’s second entrance, or backdoor.
  • Sacellum – A shrine.
  • Taberna – A shop.
  • Taberna Textorum – A fabric shop.
  • Taberna Vinorum – A wine shop.
  • Tablinum – A study.
  • Templum – A temple.
  • Tepidarium – The warm room of a Roman baths.
  • Theatrum – A theatre
  • Thermae – Roman bath complex.
  • Triclinium – A dining room.
  • Villa – A house in the country.