The aim is to map out all the different aspects of Herculaneum so that it can be used as a teaching aid or a guide for those interested in the site.

Any input or contributions are greatly appreciated.

Reconstruction of Herculaneum, c. 79 AD. (c) Sara C. Bisel
Aerial view of the site of Herculaneum. (c) AD79eruption

For scholarship on the city see the Herculaneum Reading List.


  • Ala – Wing or alcove opening to left and/or right of the atrium of a Roman house.
  • Apodyterium – A changing room of a Roman baths.
  • Ara – An altar.
  • Atrium – The main hall of a Roman house.
  • Augustales – local officials, usually freedmen, appointed in various towns for the worship of deified emperors.
  • Basilica – Colonnaded public hall on the Forum, used for commercial transactions and dispensing of justice.
  • Caldarium – The hot room of a Roman baths.
  • Caupona – An inn or tavern, which served hot food.
  • Compluvium – An opening in the roof, which had below it, a water tank (impluvium) in the atrium floor.
  • Cubiculum – A bedroom.
  • Domus – A house within a city.
  • Fauces – Entranceway to a house, leading to the atrium.
  • Frigidarium – The cold room of a Roman baths.
  • Hospitium – Inn or lodgings.
  • Impluvium – A water tank on the floor of the atrium, which had directly above it, an opening (compluvium) in the roof.
  • Lararium – A shrine to the household gods.
  • Nymphaeum – A ornamental fountain.
  • Oecus – The main living room of a Greek house, introduced to Roman architecture along with the peristyle. Often used for dining.
  • Palaestra – An open area surrounded by covered porticoes used for wrestling and exercise, often forming part of a Roman bath complex.
  • Peristyle – An open courtyard or garden surrounded by a colonnade.
  • Pistrinum – A bakery or mill.
  • Posticum – A house’s second entrance, or backdoor.
  • Sacellum – A shrine.
  • Taberna – A shop.
  • Taberna Textorum – A fabric shop.
  • Taberna Vinorum – A wine shop.
  • Tablinum – A study.
  • Templum – A temple.
  • Tepidarium – The warm room of a Roman baths.
  • Theatrum – A theatre
  • Thermae – Roman bath complex.
  • Triclinium – A dining room.
  • Villa – A house in the country.

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