Roman Empire

Very much a work in progress.

The aim is to map out all the different aspects of the Roman Empire; Provinces, Cities & Towns, the Roman Army, Civic Buildings, Housing, Religious Buildings, Industry & Commerce, Entertainment Buildings and eventually the road network.

Any input or contributions are greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Roman Empire

  1. In the south of Netherlands – Veldhoven – has been found Roman buildings, water well and so on. More you can read and
    We are busy with an artproject we developed around the dolia out of Roman time, they found here in Zilverackers – Veldhoven – The Netherlands., more info:
    Succes with your project! Best regards, Aurelia

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  2. Susa was part of the Roman Empire under Trajan, as was Dumatha. The map should also show temporary conquests from other time periods. Conquests like those of Gallus during his expedition to Arabia Felix. Marcus Aurelius’ conquest of certain Germamic tribes (Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Hungarian plain).Roman expansion into Caledonia (all the way up to Inverness and the Orkney Islands). Roman expansion into germanía under Augustus all the way up to the Elbe River[ (including the Roman client state in Denmark) Tiberius did launch an expedition into Denmark and made client states of the tribes there]. Septimius Severus’ expansion into the Sahara desert in order to subdue the garamantes. Marcus Aurelius expedition/temporary expansion into Media (before his eventual withdrawal).


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