II Augusta

The aim is to map out all the different aspects of the Second Augustan Legion: it’s movements, fortresses, campaigns, inscriptions, up to the end of the Severan Dynasty.

Any input or contributions are greatly appreciated.

I am currently working on adding inscriptions of the legion to the map.

Legio II Augusta vexillum by Aquelion on DeviantArt
(c) Aquelion

Cognomen: Augusta
Emblems: Capricorn & Pegasus
Main HQ: Isca Silurum (Caerleon, Wales)
Major Campaigns: Cantabrian wars (26-19 BC); Germanicus’ German campaigns (14-16 AD); Invasion and conquest of Britain (43 AD onwards); Septimius Severus’ Caledonian campaigns (208-11 AD)
Notable Commanders: T. Flavius Vespasianus (legate, 42-47 AD); Cn. Julius Agricola (tribune, 58-62 AD); P. Septimius Geta (tribune, c. 170’s AD)

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