Peitho was the goddess or personified spirit (daemon) of persuasion, seduction and charming speech.

Residence: Mount Olympus
Symbols: Ball of twine
Parents: Oceanus and Tethys
Siblings: The Oceanids
Roman equivalent: Suada

Pompeiian fresco of Peitho (left) taking Eros to Venus and Anterus, c. 25 BC. Naples National Museum.

She was a handmaiden and herald of the goddess Aphrodite.

A Roman relief depicting Peitho, 1st c. BC. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Apulian red-figure loutrophoros, c. 350-340 BC, depicting Peitho assisting Zeus in the story of Leda and the Swan. Getty Museum. (c)
Fragment depicting Peitho, Aphrodite, and Eros. This skyphos fragment may be the earliest known artistic representation of Peitho, c. 490 BC. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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