Luna was the goddess of the moon in Roman religion.

Symbols: Chariot, moon, crescent
Siblings: Sol and Aurora
Greek equivalent: Selene

Luna statue.jpg
Statue of Luna. (c) Anthong Majanlahti

Luna is often depicted driving a two-yoke chariot called a biga, drawn by horses or oxen. In Roman art, the charioteer Luna is regularly paired with Sol driving a four-horse chariot (quadriga).

Ox-drawn biga of Luna on the Parabiago plate, 2nd–5th c. AD. (c) Giovanni Dall’Orto
Detail of Selene from a Roman sarcophagus
Detail of Luna from a Roman sarcophagus.
Statue of Luna, shown wearing the crescent on her forehead and holding a torch in her right hand, while her veil billows over her head. (c) Sailko
Luna (top right corner) paired with the Sun (top left) in a depiction of the Tauroctony of Mithraic religion.

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