This page will direct interested parties to collections of Museums in France that I have already uploaded.

I am more than happy for others to use my photographs as long as I am given credit: DigitalMapsoftheAncientWorld.

Relief of the Judgement of Paris
Museum of Aquitaine
Statue of Augustus
Arles Archaeology Museum
Mosaic of Hercules and Hesione
Avignon Lapidary Museum
Pillar of the Boatmen: Relief of Esus
Cluny Museum
Relief of the Praetorian Guard
The Louvre
Cavalry Hemlet
Mougins Museum of Classical Art
Altar to Augustan Peace
Narbonne Archaeology Museum
Mosaic of Centaurs
Orange Art & History Museum
Funeral Monument of the Sculptor Amabilis (Replica)
Pont du Gard Museum
Bust of Augustus with Oak Wreath
Saint-Raymond Museum
Mosaic of a Peacock
Theo Desplans Museum
Perigueux Domus
Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum

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