Roman Auxiliaries

This page will direct interested parties to collections of the Auxiliaries of the Roman Army that I have already uploaded.

I am more than happy for others to use my photographs as long as I am given credit: DigitalMapsoftheAncientWorld.

Building Dedication
Cohors I Aelia Hispanorum
Dedication to Coventina
Cohors I Batavorum
Funerary Monument of Claudius Tyrannus
Cohors III Batavorum
Honourific Inscription of C. Cominius
Cohors III Bracaraugustanorum
Tile Stamp of Cohors VII Breucorum
Cohors VII Breucorum
Funerary Monument of M. Julius Tertullus
Cohors I Commagenorum
Altar to the Genius of the Praetorium (Replica)
Cohors IV Gallorum
Building Inscription
Cohors V Gallorum
Military Diploma of Longinus
Cohors I Hamiorum
Funerary Monument of the Family of Aelius Munatius
Cohors I Hemesenorum
Roman Funerary Monument of High-ranking Official
Cohors II Hispanorum Equitata
Tile Stamp of the Cohors IV Lingonum
Cohors IV Lingonum
Tile Stamp of the Cohors V Lucensis
Cohors V Lucensis
Funerary Monument to Q. Sulpicius Celsus
Cohors VII Lusitanorum
Altar to Cocidius
Cohors I Nervanorum
Altar to Jupiter
Cohors II Tungrorum
Funerary Monument of M. Cocceius Vitulus
Cohors I Ubiorum
Dedication by the Cohors I Vardullorum
Cohors I Vardullorum
Funerary Monument of Mucatra
Numerus Palmyrenorum Tibiscensium

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