Fides was the Roman goddess of trust and good faith.

Symbols: Laurel wreath, turtle dove and veil.

Fides depicted on the reverse of an Aureus of Antoninus Pius. (c) American Numismatoc Soceity

She is represented as a young woman crowned with an olive or laurel wreath, holding in her hand a turtle-dove, fruits or grain, or a military ensign and she wears a white veil. Fides represented everything that is required for honour and credibility; from fidelity in marriage, to contractual arrangements, and even the obligation soldiers owed to Rome. She also represented reliability; reliability between two parties, which is always reciprocal and the bedrock of relations between people and their communities. For this reason, her temple was adorned with bronze tables of laws and treaties.

An Aureus of Vitellius, depicting Fides Exercitum on the reverse with clapsed hands. British Museum.
Fides Publica depicted on an Aureus of Hadrian. (c) American Numismatic Society

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