Salus was the Roman goddess of safety and well-being of both the individual and the state.

Symbols: Patera and snake
Greek equivalent: Hygeia

Roman statue of Salus, 1st c. AD. Columbia Museum of Art. (c) Soulbust

The old age and importance of her cult is testified by the little-known ceremony of the Augurium Salutis, held every year on 5th August for the preservation of the Roman state. Shw was popular across Italy and literary sources record relationships with Fortuna and Spes. She started to be increasingly associated to Valetudo, the Goddess of Personal Health.

Salus, seated and holding a patera, on an Aureus of Nero. (c) CNGcoins
Salus, seated and holding a patera to feed a snake, on an Denarius of Marcus Aurelius. (c) ForumAncientCoins

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