Doris was the Oceanid wife of the sea god Nereus and was considered the fertility goddess of the ocean and of the rich fishing-grounds found at the mouths of rivers where fresh water mingled with the brine.

Residence: The Sea
Parents: Oceanus and Tethys
Siblings: The Oceanids and the Potamoi
Consort: Nereus
Children: The Nereids

Hellenistic relief of Doris riding a hippocamp and carrying two torches to light the wedding cortege of Poseidon and Amphitrite, 2nd c. BC. Munich Glyptothek Museum.
Detail of an Attic red-figure krater, c. 490 BC, depicting Doris and one of her daughters. Getty Museum. (c)
Detail of an Attic red-figure krater, c. 480-470 BC, depicting Doris and Nereus. Harvard Art Museum. (c)

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