Terra was a goddess of the earth.
Although Tellus and Terra are hardly distinguishable during the Imperial era, Tellus was the name of the original earth goddess in the religious practices of the Roman Republic and earlier.

Residence: Earth
Symbols: Fruit, flowers, cornucopia, cattle
Parents: Chaos
Siblings: Nox
Consort: Caelus
Other Names: Tellus (Mater), Terra Mater
Greek equivalent: Gaia

Aion mosaic Glyptothek Munich W504.jpg
Terra reclining with the Seasons. Mosaic from Sentinum, c. 200-250 AD, Glyptothek Museum.

She is regularly associated with Ceres in rituals pertaining to the earth and agricultural fertility. Her attributes were the cornucopia, or bunches of flowers or fruit. She was typically depicted reclining, or rising, waist high, from a hole in the ground. Her male complement was a sky god such as Caelus or a form of Jupiter

The attributes of the central figure on this panel of the Ara Pacis mark her as an earth and mother goddess, often identified as Terra. (c) Chris Nas

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